Chakra Tuner by Jonathan Goldman

Experience chakra healing and meditation with Jonathan Goldman’s Chakra Tuner!Balance and align your chakras with this powerful Chakra Tuner app for sound therapy and sonic transformation.


Key Features

  • Experience having all your 7 chakras resonated with different sacred vowel sounds

  • Listen to the 7 Chakra sequence with or without guided meditation

  • Experience harmonically tuned Chakra Chimes that amplify the Chakra Tuner healing

  • The Chakra Tuner audio files were created at the highest audio quality possible to give you full spectrum sound waves that are 10 times greater in their essential sound energy than a standard MP3 audio file

User Reviews


I installed Jonathan Goldmans Chakra Tuner on my Iphone and it wowed me! It's an awesome app that creates sound frequencies to balance the chakras and it really works! I am extremely satisfied and love this new application!

Dr. Steven Brown ,


Love love love this App!!!! I do not always have my tuning forks with me but my phone and my i pad are always near. Beautiful and Powerful! Thank You Thank You Thank You for taking the time to create this app. Love it!!!!

Joyfilledliving ,

Shortcut To Clarity

The Chakra Tuner seems to make everything flow inside, especially if I use it when stressed or uncomfortable. It's great for relaxing or recharging while living or traveling in today's challenging world.

Bob Margolin,

Love it!

What a great way to use technology to find balance and recover from the stress effects caused by that same technology. Full circle. My only complaint is the file size, but even at nearly 200mb, it's worth it.

Mac Daddy AZ,

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